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SECTOR is a leading private sector intelligence company that gives you security and peace of mind in your most aggressive business decisions.


We are the EXPERTS in Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), investigations, Threat Vulnerability Assessments (TVA), Elicitation and Interviewing, and intelligence analysis.

We vet people and data to help our Clients make more informed decisions so their assets, investments, reputation, and credibility are protected.


Our Intelligence Officers have decades of real-world experience in high-stake situations using these skills to protect lives and now we use our expertise to help you. We are the masters of discrete collection activities to vet and assess people for integrity and honesty helping you protect your most valued interests.

Using our military-grade intelligence capabilities and advanced tradecraft, comprised of techniques, methods, and technology that has traditionally only existed in the intelligence community, we secure your safety and success. You need to surround yourself with people you can trust

We operate on a strict moral and ethical compass creating invaluable business opportunities for you. We know our methods work. Our Clients value our integrity and discretion. When you partner with us, you know you will be making the right decision. Contact us today



Our Services


Character Vetting

We conduct a 4-Phase SPYGLASS Background Investigation (SBI) using OSINT to help our Clients hire the right people, partner with a trusted individual, and invest wisely.  

Intelligence investigations

Our team of former special forces and military intelligence experts, use OSINT, HUMINT, and other "INT" capabilities to uncover and thwart threats that may compromise the safety and security of our Clients' interests. 

Legal consulting

Our team of former US Intelligence interrogators, interviewers and investigators will help you expertly prepare for deposition and trial.


We conduct a 3-Phase SPYGLASS Prospecting Investigation using OSINT to help our Clients close more leads and gain a competitive advantage in their industry.



We believe in mission first, people ALWAYS. Our mission is to vet people and data to help our Clients make more informed decisions so their assets, investments, reputation, and credibility are protected. We give you a tactical edge so you always know who to trust.



To put the most elite military-grade intelligence capabilities in your hands. 


We have been using our tradecraft with huge success rates for decades in high-stakes, life-threatening situations. We know our methods work. Let us give you peace of mind.





Our team has over 150 years of combined experience in HUMINT, OSINT, Voice Stress Analysis (VSA), Intelligence collection and analysis, TVA, security risk assessments, interview/elicitation/negotiation tactics, deceptive analysis, body language, and human behavioral assessments. Collectively, we offer a level of expertise you cannot get anywhere else under one umbrella. Think of us as your top secret weapon.


We operate within a strict moral and ethical compass while creating opportunities for you by providing you with a level of expertise that has been untapped in the private sector. Our elite cadre consists of former and retired military intelligence professionals, Department of Defense certified interrogators, special forces, leading business strategists, and experts in sales, IT, human behavior, leadership, and organizational change management professionals. 


The focus behind any business action or decision is its consequences. You do not want to succumb to the game of chance when it comes to your industry decisions. You want to be deliberate in your actions to control the outcome. We guide you by leaving nothing to chance. Imagine your future with our knowledge and expertise on your side. 

SECTOR has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Scandanavia, Australia and Dubai. 

About Us

Meet The Team


Lena Sisco

US | CEO & Founder

Former military Navy HUMINT Officer and certified USMC interrogator; expert in elicitation, interviewing, negotiation, body language, deceptive analysis, and leadership. OCM certified, Six Sigma certified, ISD certified, Psychology of Leadership certified, instructor certified, published author, international keynote speaker, SPYEX speaker, SPY Museum Speaker, TV Expert Witness, MA Brown University.

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Elieser Smith

US | COO & Founder

Former US Marine Colonel with over 36 years of operational experience and seven Operational /Combat tours, CI/HUMINT certified, conducted countless source operations, Senior Intelligence Officer for the 2d Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force and the Current Operations Chief for US Central Command. BS in Psychology, a Masters in National Strategy and Leadership from the University of Oklahoma (Sooner) along with countless certifications and qualifications across his military career.     


Michael "Chet" Chambers

US | CFO & Founder

Global Chief Evangelist of robotics and automation with over 30 years in the technology arena, launched largest deployment of automation worldwide, managed multimillion dollar budgets for over three decades, published author, keynote speaker. 

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Profilbilled Jasper 2022_edited.jpg
Jasper Frost
Nordics/UAE/Asia | Intelligence Officer

Dir. & Founder, Alpha Intelligence Group, executive advisor, trainer, keynote speaker, consultant in the Nordic Region, UAE, and Asia, expert in advanced tactical behavioral analysis (HUMINT), elicitation, strategic business intelligence, non-verbal communication, deception analysis, and emotional intelligence. Languages: Danish (N), English (F)

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Profilbilled Josefine 2022_edited.jpg
Josefine Wiinberg
Nordics/UAE/Asia | Intelligence Officer

Executive advisor, trainer, speaker, consultant, and expert in behavioral intelligence and strategic business Intelligence in the Nordic Region, UAE, and Asia, expert in elicitation, counter elicitation, tactical behavioral analysis, statement analysis, deception detection, and emotional intelligence.Languages: Danish (N), English (F)

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AA IMG_3110 copy_edited.jpg
Scott Taylor
Australia | Intelligence Officer

Court and Tribunal recognised security and risk expert, Grad Dip Strategic Leadership, Grad Dip Management (Learning), Board Certified Protection Professional (CPP), 11 related Diploma Qualifications, OSINT & HUMINT Specialist, Strategic Leadership and Change Management Expert

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Dimitriy Kravchenko
Matthew Sorenson
US | Intelligence Officer
US | Chief Executive Coordinator (CEC)

Gavin Stone

UK | Intelligence Officer

Former NSW, Intelligence Operator, Combat shooter, defensive driving, threat detection, physical surveillance, Electronic Harbor Security System Operator, Visit Board Search Seizure, Elicitation, HUMINT Collector, EW. Languages: Russian (F), Ukrainian (N), English (F)

Creative Strategist, Training and Development, MBA, Psychology of Marketing, Statement Analysis, Strategic Interviewing, Enhanced Elicitation certified.

Former Civil Servant for the British Ministry of Defence and  Security & Intelligence Contractor, MA Psychology, Instructor certifications, Close Protection Officer qualification, Level 3 Delivery of Conflict Management, NLP & Hypnotherapy certified practitioner, published author.     

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Tampa, FL USA

Tel:  +1 703 898 6364

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