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Using our advanced tradecraft, comprised of techniques, methods, and technology that until now only existed in the intelligence community, we put you in front of key decision-makers to significantly increase your close rates. We took prospecting to an entirely new level using military-grade intelligence capabilities never taught to the private sector before.

We are the leading global experts in ELICITATION, an elite human intelligence (HUMINT) collection technique that until NOW was only available to intelligence entities. Elicitation allows you to master any conversation, discretely obtain critical information, and diminish concerns regarding your objectives. IN SALES, you will learn how to master conversational elicitation to obtain actionable information in an unassuming manner to help you persuade senior executives and key decision-makers to trust you. 

The exclusivity of our skills will reinvent your closing strategy. What we will teach you is not taught anywhere in sales training, and we can prove this. Ask anyone in sales what elicitation is; they will not know. Also, ask anyone in sales how easy it is to bypass gatekeepers and get to the key decision-makers. It is not; unless you let us make it easy for you.

The team at SECTOR is comprised of former US & British human intelligence (HUMINT) officers, special forces, sales, business strategists, and cyber security experts. There is no other entity that has the level of experience and diversity that we do or access to the most advanced software platforms out there. Our Principle Trainers have decades of teaching experience and senior instructor certifications, Instructional Systems Design, Six Sigma, and Organizational Change Management certifications. Each of our Principle Trainers is a validated expert in their individual field.

Our Target Officers have decades of real-world experience developing LEADS and manufacturing the perfect scenario for a chance encounter that can turn into a rewarding relationship. We give you the means to circumvent roadblocks and gatekeepers while simultaneously expanding your lead network. You will learn how to leverage our Open-Source Information (OSI) that we have collected from the most robust Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) platforms that exist today to help close the big deal. Using OSINT we help you dial in on whom to network with and how to do it. We offer you avenues of approach and provide you with sure ways to connect with even the most elusive targets. We will put you in front of decision-makers with our technology and then teach you how to control that conversation using advanced elicitation techniques and conversational methods. 

We operate on a strict moral and ethical compass creating invaluable business opportunities for you. We have been using our tradecraft with huge success rates for decades in high-stakes, life-threatening situations. We know our tradecraft works.


Let us give you an innovative approach to prospecting and closing that, as of right now, is untapped by your competition. When you team with us, you will have a huge competitive advantage because what we teach is not considered a business intelligence tool - which is unsettling because behind every key business decision are people. How you handle that human-to-human interaction can make or break their decision to trust. 

Are you ready to take your business, your skills, and yourself to the next level? If so, contact us today




What We Do

First, we train your sales force in the art of ELICITATION. You will learn advanced conversational techniques untapped by your competition. And we can prove this to you. Ask anyone in sales if they know how to use the human intelligence technique called ELICITATION to close more! They will not know what you are talking about.


Second, we will conduct research and analysis on the two most elite OSINT platforms to discover intelligence about your key stakeholders and deliver actionable information in the form of a LEAD DOSSIER that will enhance your success in establishing rapport with them, gaining trust from them, and multiplying your close rate.


We will HAVE YOU RETHINKING HOW YOU SELL. You will start to analyze how to speak to people once we teach you how to control every conversation so that it meets your desired outcome. Imagine mastering a skillset your competition doesn’t have. With SECTOR INTELLIGENCE on your side, you will dominate your industry.


We offer 1 | 3 | 5-day training options and coaching programs. Contact us for a catalog of our Offerings & Services.
Research and Analysis


We have a highly experienced team of Target Officers who research and analyze open source information (OSI) collected via Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) platforms to help you turn leads into customers. Our team will conduct thorough requirements analysis to identify targets of opportunity that will answer your most aggressive business needs.  

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is collected openly and legally and then analyzed to meet your business needs. We turn open source information (OSI) into a strategic business tool for you that helps you make decisions faster, improve customer satisfaction, enhance productivity, and predict anything that affects your future growth. SECTOR utilizes an extensive OSINT framework which provides our team with a rapid deep-dive investigative capability in the far reaches of the World Wide Web. These systems enable our state-of-the-art enhanced collection and analysis capabilities, ensuring effective data correlation. Our cyber toolbox provides our team with a robust ability to review current and historical data whilst efficiently maintaining attribution management. Validated OSINT from our team of international experts gives you a competitive prospecting advantage. You will have information to specifically tailor and craft each individual conversation you have with a lead so that it results in a close. Are you ready to level up your prospecting?



We have trained numerous government agencies, military services and private sector industries. No other entity offers the elite level of training that we do. Our team has combined experience in human intelligence (HUMINT), special operations, and business strategy. We have used these skills in tactical, operational and strategic environments around the world with proven successes. Our tradecraft will reinvent your prospecting and level-up your close rates. 

Elicitation Training

Elicitation is an operational tool used by numerous intelligence entities for centuries to collect sensitive information that answers critical requirements in an unassuming way. Elicitation allows you to obtain information by not having to ask for it, thus, allowing you to conceal your objective while building rapport and reciprocal relationships. Elicitation allows you to pivot any conversation toward your desired outcome while creating a comfortable, safe environment. It works so well because it utilizes known aspects of human psychology. It is highly effective, and the return on investment is immeasurable. We are the experts in this field because we have used it operationally for decades, and we provide the most comprehensive training and consulting services to the private sector. We know this and stand by this proclamation. Find out why we are leading experts by contacting us and joining our CEO and Founder, Lena Sisco, on a connect call.  




To train your salesforce in our tradecraft, comprised of techniques, methods, and technology, that puts you in front of key decision-makers and significantly increases your close rates. We give you a tactical edge forged in human behavior so you have a competitive advantage. 


To put the most elite military-grade intelligence capabilities in your hands. 


We have been using our tradecraft with huge success rates for decades in high-stakes, life-threatening situations. We know our tradecraft works. Let us give you an innovative approach to prospecting and closing that as of right now is untapped by your competition.





Here is how you gain an advantage in your domain. We employ a 3-Step Lead Development Cycle. Step 1: Lead Research and Analysis. Step 2: Apply Your Advanced Elicitation Training. Step 3: Now it's up to you close, and you will with our mentorship.

TRAINING: No other entity offers the elite level of training that we do. Our team of professionals has used these skills in tactical and operational environments regarding National Security efforts around the world as well as in strategic business intelligence solutions with proven successes. We know our capabilities will bring YOU results. 

RESEARCH & ANALYSIS: We have a highly experienced team of analysts and researchers to identify information gaps and investigate targets of opportunity that will answer your most aggressive business needs. We will put you in front of the decision-makers. Our Lead Development Cycle manufactures successful prospects others cannot because we are experts in HUMAN BEHAVIOR. 

BUMP & CLOSE: We will guide you and prepare you to have the most successful encounter. We help you transform a lead into a client.



What is the one thing that may not cost you anything, is critical to have but is sometimes impossible to get? INFORMATION. 


At SECTOR, we reinvented prospecting by first training you in an elite intelligence tradecraft called elicitation to gain critical information in the most unassuming manner AND second, by creating opportunities for you to connect with potential clients and know exactly how to build trust with them.


We offer a 3-point value system to our clients: You will gain enhanced interpersonal and leadership skills; you will receive competitive, high-value analytical products; and you will have an elite capability to make connections and explore new frontiers to grow your business. 


With over 150 years of combined experience in this arena, our team will take your business above and beyond where it is today. We operate within a strict moral and ethical compass while creating opportunities for you by providing you with skills that have been untapped in the private sector. Our elite cadre consists of former and retired military intelligence professionals, leading business strategists, sales experts, human behavior experts, and certified organizational change management professionals. 


The focus behind any business action or decision is its consequences. You do not want to succumb to the game of chance when it comes to your industry decisions. You want to be deliberate in your actions to control the outcome. We guide you by leaving nothing to chance, like meeting key stakeholders, talent, or competitors. Imagine your future with our knowledge and expertise on your side. Reinvent your strategy and explore new frontiers with us if you are ready to take it to next level.

SECTOR has offices in the United States, United KingdomScandinavia, and Australia. In 2023 we will be in Dubai. 


Meet The Team


Lena Sisco

US | CEO & Founder, Principal Trainer

Former military Intelligence Officer and certified interrogator; expert in elicitation, interviewing, negotiation, body language, and deceptive analysis, OCM certified, Six Sigma certified, ISD certified, Psychology of Leadership certified, instructor certified, author, keynote speaker, MA Brown University

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Gavin Stone

UK | Director, Target Officer & Principal Trainer

Former Civil Servant for the British Ministry of Defence and  Security & Intelligence Contractor, MA Psychology, Instructor certifications, Close Protection Officer qualification, Level 3 Delivery of Conflict Management, NLP & Hypnotherapy certified practitioner, author     

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EDH Head Shot_edited.jpg

Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker

US | CFO, Principal Trainer

CEO & Founder of RedHawk Business Solutions, Senior Enterprise Growth Strategist & Enhanced Communication Expert, Six Sigma Certified, Psychology of Leadership certified, author, MBA

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Profilbilled Jasper 2022_edited.jpg
Jasper Frost
Nordics/UAE/Asia | Principal Trainer

Dir. & Founder, Alpha Intelligence Group, executive advisor, trainer, keynote speaker, consultant in the Nordic Region, UAE, and Asia, expert in advanced tactical behavioral analysis (HUMINT), elicitation, strategic business intelligence, non-verbal communication, deception analysis, and emotional intelligence

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Profilbilled Josefine 2022_edited.jpg
Josefine Wiinberg
Nordics/UAE/Asia | Principal Trainer

Executive advisor, trainer, speaker, consultant, and expert in behavioral intelligence and strategic business Intelligence in the Nordic Region, UAE, and Asia, expert in elicitation, counter elicitation, tactical behavioral analysis, statement analysis, deception detection, and emotional intelligence

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AA IMG_3110 copy_edited.jpg
Scott Taylor
Australia | Target Officer & Principal Trainer

Court and Tribunal recognised security and risk expert, Grad Dip Strategic Leadership, Grad Dip Management (Learning), Board Certified Protection Professional (CPP), 11 related Diploma Qualifications, OSINT & HUMINT Specialist, Strategic Leadership and Change Management Expert

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Matthew Sorenson
US | Director of Marketing and Sales

Marketing, Creative Strategist, Training and Development, MBA, Psychology of Marketing, Statement Analysis, Strategic Interviewing, Enhanced Elicitation

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Tampa, FL USA

Tel:  +1 703 898 6364

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