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We have a highly experienced team of Intelligence Officers who research and analyze open source information (OSI) collected via Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) platforms to help you turn leads into customers. Validated OSINT from our team of international experts gives you a competitive prospecting advantage. You will have information to specifically tailor and craft each individual conversation you have with a lead so that it results in a close.

We have trained numerous government agencies, military services and private sector industries. No other entity offers the elite level of training that we do. Our team has combined experience in human intelligence (HUMINT), special operations, and business strategy. We have used these skills in tactical, operational and strategic environments around the world with proven successes. Our tradecraft will reinvent your prospecting and level-up your close rates. 


Are you ready to level up your prospecting?

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Here is how you gain an advantage in your domain. We employ a 3-Step Lead Development Cycle.

Step 1: Lead Research and Analysis

Step 2: Apply Your Advanced Elicitation Training

Step 3: Now it's up to you close, and you will with our mentorship

PHASE 1: First, we must train your sales force in the art of ELICITATION. You will learn advanced conversational techniques untapped by your competition. And we can prove this to you. Ask anyone in sales if they know how to use the human intelligence technique called ELICITATION to close more! They will not know what you are talking about.


TRAINING: No other entity offers the elite level of training that we do. Our team of professionals has used these skills in tactical and operational environments regarding National Security efforts around the world as well as in strategic business intelligence solutions with proven successes. We know our capabilities will bring YOU results. 

PHASE 2: Second, we conduct the 3-Phase Lead Development Cycle. We will conduct research and analysis on the most elite OSINT platform to discover intelligence about your key stakeholders and deliver actionable information in the form of a LEAD DOSSIER that will enhance your success in establishing rapport with them, gaining trust from them, and multiplying your close rate.


RESEARCH & ANALYSIS: We have a highly experienced team of analysts and researchers to identify information gaps and investigate targets of opportunity that will answer your most aggressive business needs. We will put you in front of the decision-makers. Our Lead Development Cycle manufactures successful prospects others cannot because we are experts in HUMAN BEHAVIOR. 

PHASE 3: Third, you close your lead with a perfectly scripted conversation with our mentorship.

BUMP & CLOSE: We will guide you and prepare you to have the most successful encounter. We help you transform a lead into a client.


We will HAVE YOU RETHINKING HOW YOU SELL. You will start to analyze how to speak to people once we teach you how to control every conversation so that it meets your desired outcome. Imagine mastering a skillset your competition doesn’t have. With SECTOR INTELLIGENCE on your side, you will dominate your industry.

Contact us today to find out more about our INNOVATIVE approach to prospecting and how it can take your organization to the next level.

What is EliciTation?

Elicitation is an operational tool used by numerous intelligence entities for centuries to collect sensitive information that answers critical requirements in an unassuming way. Elicitation allows you to obtain information by not having to ask for it, thus, allowing you to conceal your objective while building rapport and reciprocal relationships. Elicitation allows you to pivot any conversation toward your desired outcome while creating a comfortable, safe environment. It works so well because it utilizes known aspects of human psychology. It is highly effective, and the return on investment is immeasurable. We are the experts in this field because we have used it operationally for decades, and we provide the most comprehensive training and consulting services to the private sector. We know this and stand by this proclamation.

At SECTOR, we reinvented prospecting by first training you in an elite intelligence tradecraft called elicitation to gain critical information in the most unassuming manner AND second, by creating opportunities for you to connect with potential clients and know exactly how to build trust with them. 

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