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Character vetting

We have a highly experienced team of Intelligence Officers who research and analyze open source information (OSI) collected via Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) platforms that we use to help our Clients vet their stakeholders to protect themselves from manipulation, theft, litigation, and integrity violations that can damage reputations and credibility


4-Phase Spyglass Background investigationS (SBI)


How We Vet
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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

OSINT is collected openly, legally and ethically. We then analyze the open source information (OSI) and turn it into a strategic business tool for you that helps you make safer decisions faster and predict anything that may impact your future. SECTOR utilizes an extensive OSINT framework which provides our team with a rapid deep-dive investigative capability in the far reaches of the World Wide Web. These systems enable our state-of-the-art enhanced collection and analysis capabilities, ensuring effective data correlation. Our cyber toolbox provides our team with a robust ability to review current and historical data whilst efficiently maintaining attribution management. Validated OSINT from our team of international experts gives you peace of mind and ensures your surround yourself with people who you can trust with your most valuable interests.

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