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SICON 5i 2024

Intergrity, Informtaion, Intelligence, Influence, Impact

SECTOR Intelligence's 1st Annual Intelligence Conference

Tampa FL - Sept 2024 

We will be providing specific dates and location SOON. If you are interested in attending SICON 5i 2024, contact us to get on our mail list today! We have limited number of seats available. 

Do You Want to Learn Elite Soft Skills Spies Have Used for Decades and Take Your Communication Skills to the Next Level?

Then Join Us for a 2-Day Epic Conference Where Global Intelligence and Human Behavior Experts Will Train YOU in Their Elite Techniques, Tactics, and Tradcraft.


Listening to the world's leading intelligence experts transfer their knowledge to the private sector so you can stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Meet Your Host & CEO/Founder
of Sector Intelligence,
Lena Sisco

Lena Sisco is a former Naval Intelligence Officer and Marine Corps certified interrogator who served in the Global War on Terror, conducting hundreds of interrogations. She is a published author, an international keynote speaker, and a former TEDx speaker. She has been an expert witness on an Emmy-nominated court TV show for three years as well as a body language expert for multiple news outlets. She keynotes around the world and is a speaker and expert panelist for both SPYEX and the SPY Museum in Washington, D.C. Since 2003, Lena has been training the Department of Defense, government agencies, law enforcement, special forces, and private sector industries in interviewing and interrogation, statement analysis, body language, detecting deception, elicitation, and change leadership.  

Lena is also certified in Organizational Change Management and received her certificate in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University. She has a Masters from Brown University in Archaeology and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Rhode Island.

Lena is the CEO and Founder of two companies, The Congruency Group, and Sector Intelligence. You can reach her at or at +1 703.898.6364. Her websites are: and

SICON 5i Experience:
Integrity, Information, Intelligence, Influence, Impact

SICON 5i is a 2-day exclusive educational and entertainment conference focused on bringing elite Human Intelligence (HUMINT) skills to business intelligence. Using our innovative methods, you will gain an enviable edge in your industry and make a bigger impact in the world.


At SECTOR, we fuse military-grade tactics with prospecting, vetting, interviewing, recruiting, auditing, investing, and leading.


We use and train our intelligence tradecraft in line with a strict moral compass because we value Integrity above all. You will break the mold with our innovative solutions to gain Information, utilize Intelligence, and Influence the most challenging individuals and circumstances while making an invaluable Impact on the world around you.


Your ROI is what we call the SICON 5I Experience. You will gain a competitive edge to plan proactively, identify and minimize threats, effectively handle conflict, think critically, conduct character assessments, level up your emotional intelligence, stand out among your competitors, be promotable, and bypass the gatekeepers of information. 

Check back regularly as we will be updating information weekly!

This Is What You Will Find On The INSIDE

This is the first time you can get access to former CIA, FBI, DEA, and MI6 agents, DoD interrogators, Australian law enforcement, authors, and TV personalities, all of whom are experts in human intelligence, in one room training YOU! Consider this conference as two days of multiple Master Classes. 



0800 - 0830: Registration
0830 - 0915: Welcome to the first annual SICON 5i 
1015 - 1030: Break
1130 - 1230: Breakout Sessions 
  • Elicitation 101
  • Perfecting Your Human-2-Human Interactions
  • Body Language Intelligence
  • Deceptive Analysis & Influencing Truth
  • Human Profiling 
1230 - 1330: Lunch (VIPs will have a private catered lunch)
1330 - 1530: SPY GAME Event and Author Meet & Greets
1630 - 1700: Closing Remarks
1800 - 2200: 007 Martini Meet & Greet 

0800 - 0830: Welcome & Check-In
1000 - 1130: Breakout Sessions (same as the day before)
1130 - 1300: Lunch (VIPs will have a private catered lunch)
1300 - 1400: SECTOR Brief: Meet Your SICON 5i Hosts
1400 - 1430: Platinum Sponsor Brief: TBA
1445 - 1600: Q&A with Expert Panel 
1600 - 1700: 
Closing Remarks 
Elegant Abstract Background

Ticket Pricing & Packages

SICON General Admission (GA) Ticket: $995 per person for both days. This ticket includes one drink ticket for the 007 Martini Meet & Greet on Thursday evening for beverage of your choice, continental breakfast on both days, and a buffet-style lunch on both days. You will also get some cool conference swag to keep. 


SICON Premium Ticket: $1450 per person for both days. This ticket comes with everything in the GA description and some special privileges. You are invited to a private Secret Social where you can meet your hosts and speakers on Wednesday night from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM before the official conference kick-off on Thursday morning. We will have an open bar for two hours. You will also receive two drink tickets for the 007 Martini Meet & Greet on Thursday evening for two beverages of your choice and you get a gift upon check-in.


SICON Tier 1 VIP Ticket: $3000 per person for two days. With the Tier 1 VIP ticket, you get everything in the Premium Ticket description and something extraordinary and spy-like. We are only offering the Tier 1 VIP Package to a very limited group. With the Tier 1 VIP ticket, the Target Officers (TOs) at SECTOR will provide a Lead Dossier (LD) on you or your organization. We will uncover things you did not know the general public has access to. Even more alerting, you don’t know what an individual can do to you or your company with that information. We will debrief your digital footprint and show potential threats to which you could be exposing yourself. You will have a private catered lunch in the Executive Board Room, where you can meet your hosts and keynote speakers. This is when SECTOR TO’s will brief your LD to you. You also receive a gift bag upon check-in. 


Who, What, Why

WHO should Attend?

The information in this conference will benefit individuals in numerous industries, such as sales, human resources, executive recruiting, health & wellness, medical, military intelligence, law enforcement, finance, banking, and law. If you are a business owner, leader, coach, interviewer, trainer, investigator, auditor, lawyer, or if you just have a genuine interest in learning innovative methods to increase your inter and intrapersonal skills, read a room, acquire critical information in the most unassuming manner, detect deception, and profile personalities, then you should attend.

WHAT should you Expect?

High-level knowledge sharing and demonstration from global experts who have operated in the most covert missions in some of the most dangerous places in the world. Expect amazing networking opportunities to meet all conference attendees, have impactful conversations, and develop rewarding relationships. You get to participate in a fun spy game where you will literally be using SPY skills. You can choose specialized training sessions that YOU want to attend hosted by our global experts. You will have an opportunity to ask challenging questions afflicting your industry right now to our panel of experts. And we will ensure you have fun with special socials and “Meet the Author” book signing tables. 

WHY should you Care?

Not sure we have to answer this one! But if we need to...You will learn life skills to keep you, your finances, business, and investments safe. You will learn conversational and soft skills to influence and persuade others to be open, honest, and truthful. You will learn how to read a room and identify advocates and threats. You will become much more self-aware and situationally aware to make better decisions in life, and you will gain people's trust within minutes. How does that sound?

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